West Point

Temple and Sunset

Sambisari Temple

is a 9th-century Hindu temple located at Sambisari hamlet.The temple was buried about five metres underground


Sari Temple

is an 8th-century Buddhist temple. The temple was a two storey building with wooden beams, floors, stairs completed with windows and doors; all from organic materials which now are decayed and gone


Ijo Temple

is a Hindu candi (temple) located 4 kilometers from Ratu Boko.The temple was built between 10th to 11th century CE during the Mataram Kingdom period


Arrive in the point at Sambisari Temple, Briefing and continue the program to Kalasan Temple, visiting Sari Temple and driving to Ijo Temple for sunset. Duration 4 hours

Include and Not

  • Bycicle YES
  • Guide and donationYES
  • Snack mineral water YES
  • Transport form and to hotel YES

Rp 550000 / Person
min 2 person


( +62 ) 274 - 4986121

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